Mobile Websites SMS & QR CODES

Create engaging mobile experience
without any programing skills,
using simple intuitive drag and drop interface

Screenshot of MA.RS application
  • design mobile Build and design

    create mobile web site and apply beautiful design just with a few clicks

  • track statistics Advanced statistics

    track campaign usage with advanced statistics

  • manage campaigns Easy management

    manage customers and mobile content right form a web panel

  • create qr codes Publish using QR codes

    distribute mobile content using QR codes and SMS with just a few clicks mobile marketing platform

With you can create small, targeted, one-product sites that should be part of your marketing campaign. You can easily create a mobile campaign dedicated to your new product or service in a matter of minutes. With you can provide your visitors with quick and easy way to communicate with you and get most valuable information for themselves and leave you with always appreciated feedback. mobile websites allows user to easily create mobile websites and landing pages without any programing skills, using simple intuitive drag and drop interface. Every site created with is cross platform, OS independent. With QR Codes, created mobile sites can be used as complementary ad space with printed or any other old advertising media (TV, billboards, newspapers)

link to video showing how to create mobile website link to video showing how to start SMS campaign